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  • This cold weather has got me excited for upcoming winter weddings! Our Margaret sofa is such a dark and romantic piece that it screams winter wedding to me! Maybe it’s also the velvet blue fabric, either way she is just dreamy! @sunshowerphotography
  • (Long post but I hope you read!!) Hi Friends! Happy Monday! I’ve been pretty quiet on here and I wanted to explain why to y’all. 1) I am just terrible with social media ( I guess I am really dating myself here)😆but I am realizing that if I don’t post something people think we don’t exist?! Well I am here to tell you, we are here and we are kicking wedding seasons butt! 💪So don’t forget about us, reach out and ask me about our rentals!! We are here to help you make your vision complete 2) I started another side business/hustle called Bear Paw follow us @bearpawind and 3) b/c I also have a tiny human who literally sucks the energy from me that the last thing I am thinking about is posting on social media…I digress….🤦‍♀️ Anyways back to the NEW side hustle Bear Paw!! We specialize in handmade burp cloths. As most of you know, I had my baby girl just over a year ago and couldn't get over the amount of " spit up" that happens in those first 6mos, i mean how can this tiny human “spit up” so much, am I right mamas??!! I had bought the standard burp cloths but nothing seemed to soak up the “urp” like my mother in laws handmade burp cloths. Her gorgeous, super absorbent, handmade burp cloths ultimately sparked this idea. I thought to myself, I had to make them and share them with other mama’s! So here I am, staying up way too late most nights, drinking way too much coffee but making the most soft and super absorbent burp cloths for all mama’s and babies to enjoy. We hope you give our burp cloths a try, I promise, you won’t be disappointed. They make a great baby shower gifts! I mean who doesn’t love something HANDMADE!!❤️ Please head over to our pages to follow us along this journey @bearpawind on fbook and insta and you can place an order through PM or email with your order details.  Xo!
  • This week we are featuring our boho lounge set! Our Margaret Sofa is a one of a kind sofa, paired with our Phoebe loveseat and Thomas Patrick chair this set is so dark & romantic, it’s perfect for a winter wedding. ❤️
  • We celebrated 4YRS tonight 😍 I am so lucky to have a partner in life who supports me and my small buisness dream. Love you @zrowe12 ❤️
  • This week we are highlighting our Garden lounge set( you might have to use imagination since I use my garage door and parking pad as our backdrop🤦‍♀️ )#smallbizproblems.... however this set is perfect for a an outside wedding our Mabel and Isla sofas will pick up those garden pastels in the most subtle ways 💕
  • This week it’s all about our gold glam set! These pieces all match in fabric and frame color. Who doesn’t love ivory and gold together?! Included in this set is our Susannah, Clara, Emma and Grace. This lounge set is perfect right off of your dance floor giving your guests a spot to sit back and relax while still enjoying the PARTY 🎉 @melissabrughphoto